One Day Never Comes: The Dark Art of Procrastination


It is human nature to want to put off difficult tasks and decisions, especially those that effect other people. Why do we think through, and sometimes overthink a problem to the point where it interferes with the continuity of our daily lives? Why do we refer to procrastination as the dark art?

Too often, individuals saddle themselves with missed appointments, late work, and broken promises, frequently followed by one excuse after another. These types of behavior are a symptom of escapism, which we often label as the “freedom to choose”. The problem is that choices effect relationship with others, as well as with God. One bad choice can effect your future as well as the kingdom of God.

God provides his sentiments on the subject of keeping appointments in Chapter 23 of the book of Leviticus. Leviticus 23:2 reads, “Speak to the sons of Israel and say to them, “The Lord’s appointed feasts (holy days) that you shall designate as holy occasions. These are My appointed (holy days).” God was very specific concerning holy appointments, to the point of designating dates and times. What conclusion can we draw from this scriptural narrative? Man requires a schedule to maintain a close relationship with God.

We build inner strength and endurance by keeping our word, and keeping appointments. Being prompt, timely, and decisive are marks of character and integrity. In essence, when we are strong in character  we reflect the character of God. We fulfill God’s command: “Sanctify yourselves and be holy: for I am holy.”

Holiness simply means living and acting with integrity. Holiness is ascribing to a set of morals and ethics pleasing to God, rather than delaying due to self-gratification or indecision. Holiness includes wholeness, providing us the power to contribute as a witness of heaven. Compromise, lying to others, breaking commitments, and promises may not have an immediate personal impact; however, sooner or later, the fabric of character is fractured. The momentum to pursue meaningful purpose is lost though the dark art of procrastination. The dark subtleties of distraction, to include those mesmerizing technological devices, or “waiting” for a phenomenal encounter to emerge, only serves to allow more time for sand to pass quickly through the hourglass of life.

It just may be the most menial task, or the undesirable appointment, in which we find our greatest breakthrough. Don’t hesitate. Make that decision or complete that task. Otherwise, you may miss the divine opportunity or appointment with no second chance in sight. Don’t tempt God with the expectation of constant “do overs”. God can and will move His second and third choices up.

Procrastination is the assassination of motivation! It is the wolf in sheep’s clothing that devours our opportunity for living life to the fullest. How can God give us something new, when we have not completed the last thing we committed to? Scripture tells us not to wait for the clouds to perfectly align before we act on a command, an inspiration, a hope, or a dream.

Dream. Think. Plan. Act.

I love the Hebrew word for now! (ach’shav, עכשו).

“One day”…is עכשו (ach’shav), not tomorrow.