Come Back In, The Water is Warm

God is standing with open arms to receive those back, who in reality, never left. The Bible tells us that no one can snatch you from his grasp. We leave God in our heads when we listen to the enemy’s analysis of us. Those falsehoods propagated by the enemy against God and his children, are just that…propaganda.

Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, demons or whatever label you choose to ascribe to the prince of darkness, is a master communicator. His lies are brilliantly packaged. Mayhem and entrapment are brilliantly executed. When God creates something, it’s perfect in every way…until man’s will intervenes and then Satan’s gift makes room for him through his lies, hatred of God, and hatred of God’s redeemed.

Have you ever wondered from God’s presence, “fallen from grace”, and felt separated from the love of God? Romans 8 tell us that nothing can separate us from the love of God. We can all return to the warm water. It is always there, always yours. The truth is, you never really left in God’s mind. He knows those who are His.

But, how do we return to God? The answer lies in our senses. Satan’s lies are sensual, tangible, appealing to the flesh. Our senses are likened to an imitation cubic zirconia diamond. Satan’s lies looks real, but has way too much flash to be real.

Satan is not defeated by wearing a cross, or speaking “I bind you.” He is defeated by quoting scripture until he relents. We overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and power of the Word. I never understood “plead the blood”. The operation and function of the atonement are at work all day, every day. That circular cleansing that operates in us is constantly in effect. Talismans, chants, and clichés simply do not work. Far “less spiritual” folks get a lot further simply by quoting the words of Jesus or Psalm 91.

Perhaps you have gone all the way around the mountain, and the water, as God remains on His throne. However, God was with you the whole time. Come on back where the warm water is awaiting you. Return to His love and learn to use the “weapons of your warfare.” Come back for a cleansing and a fresh garment. God knew your situation all along. He has a place reserved for you, and will redeem the time!


Painting courtesy Yehoshua Wiseman, Israeli artist