Angels Among Men



This article could be titled, “Angels and Debra, The Supernatural Norm.” I could fill volumes with my personal encounters with angels. I have found myself in countless situations where I was abandoned in the mountains, stranded in foreign countries, or in need of an airplane. I was once rescued off the side of a mountain by three huge mysterious “men” and a woman, in what appeared to be a hopeless situation. Several times, I have experienced the sudden appearance of money when there was none. I have appeared at hotels where reservations where mysteriously made for me. Was that a man, a woman, or an angel? Poof! They are gone in an instant.

The New American Standard Bible records this familiar passage from Hebrews 13:2, “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this, some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

The Bible is replete with scriptural validation of angels and their operations, purposes, rank, and temperament. For example, Luke Chapter 1:11-20 demonstrates the power of prayer and intergalactic operations of angels on a mission. Zacharias got a taste of rank and authority in His encounter with Gabriel.

The angel appeared to the elderly priest as Zachariah prayed and honored the Lord at the incense altar. Zechariah was doing the right things in the sight of God. His actions resulted in a personal annunciation from heaven and a mouth guard. Why the muting of Zachariah? Words have power. Angels are not only messengers, they are equipped to ensure God’s product is fully rendered in spite of man’s fallibility.

Angels are the unseen resistance. They are heaven’s “underground.” They operate in both clandestine and covert fashion. This means they sometimes make themselves known, or not. Angels have a will. They are created beings without a soul in the similar manner of God and man. However, they are not to be worshiped. They can be encountered, felt, commanded, provoked, and on occasion, seen. They are specialists. They operate in, and according to the laws of God. And, they will be judged by the believer according to the New Testament studies. It is important to believe, engage, and work with the knowledge of angels. However, it is also important not to get bogged down in details which are too “lofty” for us mere mortals to understand. Just know this, much of answered prayer is carried out by angels.

What types of angels are there? Good question. I am glad I asked. There are the cherubs; those pure rounded fierce warriors that guarded the entrance to Eden. There are military angels; huge, swift, strong, and powerful. On one occasion, my daughter and I have personally encountered this one. He is assigned to accompany us on dangerous missions and to mysterious places. There are guardian angels assigned to watch over us every day, during our time on earth. And then, there are even healing angels.

Sadly, there are the fallen angels. These are angels which rebelled against God and are no longer privileged to the glory and intelligence of heaven. They are also referred to as demons. Lucifer, or Satan is chief among them and is often referred to as the prince of darkness. No light exists in, or around them. Their only source of knowledge comes from what we say, and by studying our lives and habits. They are unclean, evil, and are constantly seeking avenues to gain unauthorized access into our lives, as well as the lives of our families and friends.

Angels have orders from heaven concerning our individual lives. Angels work in cooperation with those who obey, move, and are sensitive to God’s promptings. Angels appear to always be in a hurry. Their directives are sometimes audible, sometimes physical, and sometimes mind to mind. Angels cannot read our minds. Our thoughts, good or evil, are protected by God’s privacy act. Men will be judged in the court of heaven, on their actions, at a date to be disclosed by God himself.

The issue with most believers is the fear of doing something wrong concerning angels. The reality is that most people believe in the existence of angels. The facts concerning angels are completely uncontestable. The challenge first comes in the awareness of angels. Second, we must accept their operations as the supernatural standard.

Finally, we must understand what we can, and cannot command, or expect of our angels. Angels understand their roles and functions. They work in cooperation with man’s will and man’s words. We find a perfect example in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 10: 5-12, “…thy words were heard, and I am here for thy words”.  Another example can be found in Psalm 103:20, which reads, “Bless the LORD, all His angels of great strength, who do His commandments, hearkening to the voice of His word.”

Unfortunately, God’s humility and practicality is often eclipsed by man’s more “intelligent, logical” mental ascent. Some are too proud to call upon their angels for help, while others simply don’t how to activate them. But, here is an important truth. They are already activated, prepared, and anxious to be called upon. You just need to tune in, be mindful of them, and then command away. Do something for Heaven’s sake, but just make sure you are in line with God’s word.

Like many testimonies, most of my angelic encounters were as a result of taking risk. I put myself in a position knowingly, or unknowingly, where I needed angelic intervention. If you make a mistake, don’t worry; like Zacharias, you may be muted, but only for a season.

Go Ye. Know that God has His angels prepared to go with you. Vaya con Dios, as well as with His angels!